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Amazon has introduced a new portal on its site that is designed to bring together and highlight 3D-printed products for sale on the platform.The company said that the marketplace is home to more than “200 unique print on-demand products” – including toys, fashion accessories and home furnishings – most of which can (thanks to the nature of the manufacturing process) be customized by material, size, styles, colors.You can also personalize them with your own images or text if you like.To make finding and viewing 3D products easier, the portal includes custom search tools, interactive 3D preview functionality (allowing for a full 360-degree view) and a product personalization widget so you can tweak the item to your heart’s content.For around $40 or less you can customize items like cufflinks, bobbleheads or wine glass holders and for around $100 you can make custom pendants and other jewellery.

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