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About 3D Printing

This website is one project in a network of research being conducted by API Evangelist. This project is meant to provide you with news, analysis, tools, services and other resources that will help you learn about 3D printing and APIs.

This is the first project in a series:

This entire website is an open source repository, that you can view, fork or download on Github, living as a Github repository.

You are viewing this Github repository on the web using Github Pages, using a process I call Hacker Storytelling.

Everything you find in this repository is licensed CC BY-SA 3.0, so you can use everything here, as long as provide attribution back, and open license anything you derive from it.

All I ask is you make sure, you use the logo at the top of this site, with a link back to my work wherever you use this content.

My name is Kin Lane (@kinlane), I am the API Evangelist, and I'm looking to educate the world about the technology, business and politics of APIs.

Thank you for supporting, and I hope you find as much value in this research as I do.